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The Consulting Process

Each consulting experience is customized to meet the needs that are most important to you, whether you are working on your own leadership skills, investing in the leadership team of your company, or interested in helping a group of employees improve their workplace environment.  There may be a single event for a group of people in your organization, or we may meet several times with individuals and small groups in various departments, to help build a community of leaders who will support each other as you learn and develop together.  The process will include some elements of discovery, planning and support during the implementation of your plans.  


Let's get started on a customized consulting experience for you and your organization.


Take time to learn more about yourself, using various tools and other approaches to understand:

  • your leadership style

  • your source(s) of power and influence

  • different personalities that work together

  • your emotional intelligence

  • communication styles

  • the culture or climate of your organization or team

  • workplace satisfaction

  • leadership readiness 

  • effectiveness of teamwork


Most people have an idea of things they want to work on, but don't take it to the stage of planning.  We will work together to identify and develop effective action plans to help you achieve your goals.


Your best intentions to implement your action plans may get challenged once you bump into the first obstacle, which is inevitable. This stage of consulting will include coaching to help you sort through the obstacles in your plans, hold yourself accountable and celebrate victories as you work toward your goals.

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