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A Wide Range of Custom Consulting Services

Consulting engagements should be customized to meet the needs of the leader and the organization.  It is important to employ validated instruments for assessment and proven techniques for sorting through the challenges that are in place for individuals and groups, without participating in a "one-size-fits-all" training program.


With that in mind, the following are some examples of services that you might find to be a useful starting point to designing the most effective consulting engagement to meet your needs.  

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Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni, this workshop includes an assessment taken by each member of the team to understand themselves as well as the way that their team is functioning, and then to identify areas of improvement and implement changes in order to maximize the team's performance.

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Our work colleagues all bring their own unique personality and preferences to everything that they do. Sometimes we struggle with people who do not approach work the way that we do. This assessment provides excellent insight about your own style as well as a great understanding of other styles.  The feedback reports from this assessment can be customized based on your role as a manager, a team member, a leader, or a sales professional, and can be useful in one-on-one development planning as well as teambuilding.

Leadership Development Groups

This is a series of small group and individual meetings of a cross section of leaders within an organization, with the goal of helping them to discover their strengths as well as areas for improvement, and to provide support to one another on the journey of leading others. Several group meetings take place in small chunks of time, to enable leaders to practice ideas that they gathered from the process, and to bring insights to the next meetings. This process is facilitated by a leadership expert, but also provides each leader ongoing support  from learning with other leaders within their own organization.

Notes from some happy clients...

I've known Dr. Cathy Bush for over 5 years as both a Professor and Business Consultant. She is extraordinarily dedicated to the art of leadership and team cohesiveness. I have always found her intelligent, thorough, honest, curious, and reliable. I would highly recommend working with Dr. Bush.

- John Haymore, Director of Human Resources

Everyone has a background which often includes baggage they bring to the workplace. As leaders the more we can understand how to best manage each individual, and their individual backstories, while pursuing a common shared goal, the more we'll find success within our organizations. Cathy helped me understand those dynamics in a powerful way, and I use the lessons learned in her classes daily as a leader. 

Any organization would be lucky to have her work with their leaders, and any university should consider it a blessing if she's in front of your students helping them understand these dynamics early in their leadership education.

- Alex Fraser, Mannheim Portland

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